Tuesday, 24 May 2016

My favorite learning task

Hi My Name Is Tylah And Im Blogging about My favorite learning task that i have been doing this year in Rimu hub . My favourite task from this year is My Biopoem because we got to colour  it in how we want to. This is My Biopoem

                                                                    Happy , Tidy, Sleepy
                                                                   Sister of Zac
                                                                 Daughter of Jason, Tina
                                                               Lover of Swimming, School, Maths
                                                             Who fears Heights Glass Bees
                                                            Who needs Music, Dancing, LOve
                                                         Who wishes for lots of money and be rich, i wish i had time of school.
                                                       Who would like to see Taylor Swift.
                                                       Who gives help brother or sister got hurt.
                                                      Citizen of Hastings, New Zealand.

From Tylah