Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Art blog post

Hello and welcome to my blog I am making a blog post about my art I hope you enjoy.

I did My art with Mrs love and she told us what to and how to do and make it really good and I did my best with it. I will show you My photo of my art.

                                      This is my art and it is nice and colorful   


Thanks for Reading and it was my best Art and my Buddy Caitlin helped me with some of it.  

From Tylah Arkell                                                       



Monday, 21 November 2016

P.E Blog

Hello everyone welcome to my blog today I am going to make a blog post about my P.E  I hope you enjoy.

Here are some photos here       



Thanks for reading and looking bye bye

From Tylah Arkell

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Literacy blog post

Hi and welcome to my blog i am going to make a blog post about literacy. I hope you enjoy.

Here is my Writing

My story

In this huge house there is A big pool it is bright inside it has lots of bushes and it is really cool in there. There are three people are Tylah Brooklyn and Mum Tylah is The main character Tylah and Brooklyn are best friends.
On Sunday at the big house Tylah and brooklyn were board Brooklyn said To tylah should we make some cookies She asked Tylah said okay they made some cookies the had a deep smell Mmmmmmm They said and started giggling Tylah had a bit first she said yummy Brooklyn had a bit and said OMG Yum They saved some and did something else.
That night Tylah and brooklyn were in bed Brooklyn was asleep but Tylah wasn't she Kept moving around and it was making Brooklyn mad  
Brooklyn said Tylah Stop moving around it's annoying Tylah Tip toed down stairs like Anyone was not there she went to The kitchen she said to herself what should I have I will have some cookies and milk she got the cookies and cup and the milk Mum comes down stairs and See tylah she goes to the kitchen and says to Tylah What are you doing down here you are so post to be in bed not having cookies She asked Tylah said Mum I am a little bit hungry and I can’t go to sleep so this  would make me happy Mum Said okay Okay You want me to have some with you Tylah said okay Mum gets a glass and gets the milk out of the fridge Mum tries the cookies and says Mmmm yum Did you do this on your own cause it is really good Tylah says No I didn’t do it on my own Brooklyn helped me Mum said Okay well done to you two.
                                                 The End       



Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Maths blog

Hi and Welcome to my blog I am going to make a blog post about maths I hope you enjoy.

Maths Blog post 2016

What stage Am I in: Stage 4

Who is My maths teacher: Mrs Carr

How many Kids are in stage 4: 6, 7, 8

My Favorite thing about maths is Doing takeaways, Adding, Tables and what we do after maths is we get to Play card games sometimes we play on our devices and Play this game called Math man it is like Pac man.

 Leave a comment.

                                          Here are some photos                                                                   

                                                               Here is My first photo is My booklet .


Here is My second photo My hundreds broad for help.

Displaying IMG_0995.JPG

My last photo is of my maths book that i use for maths.

Displaying IMG_0994.JPG


Next up is i am going to answer of 5 tables and 2 Tables i am going to answer 10 of them 

                    5x7= 35

               2x7= 14 

5x5= 25






                                                               5x12= 60


Thanks for reading my first maths blog post i hope you enjoyed please leave a comment if you will want to bye bye.

By Tylah Arkell