Thursday, 27 July 2017

Holiday Blog Post / Stroy

My holiday story 

My sister Mary birthday.

 On Friday the 21st of July it was Marys birthday i said already Yay its my birthday next Mary said its not your birthday next what until my birthday done i said whoa fine then i will wait. in the middle of the day I went into the lounge to stay out there for a little bit Mary said to mum Mum can i go on the laptop Mum said yes you can So i went my back into the room and i saw Mary on it because i had a break of it and i was on the laptop I said HEY what are you doing on the laptop who said you can go on it Mary said mum said i can go on it I said mum you no i was on it Mum said Well you left so wait I Got super Mad And I said WHY!!!!! so i went out in the lounge all mad. It was the evening and we just finished dinner so dad went to his mates house i said can i go on  Minecraft on the Xbox and then Mary said after me i said HEY Im on it first Mary said its my birthday so let me go first i said just because  it your birthday that doesn't mean your the best so Mary went on it i got mad. half an hour   later it was time for the cake we had Oreo cheesecake so my cousin Shanya come over we had some cake it was really rich, sweet and filling i couldn't even it all so the day ended and i stay up late.

Mary keeped being mean to me.

So when i was at home i really enjoyed being with my family and we went to rebel sport to get Mary a Nike bag and i saw really cool pear of shoes and then where black and gold converse.

Day 1 of holiday First week.

So it was Monday night and my cousin meadow called my home and she stayed the night. Half and hour meadow was here and she come over she came with SLIME i was like WHOA can i play with one she said sure she gave me one to play with. One hour Later Meadow Keep Every Thing blaming Everything on me and I didn't lost her slime she said you flushed it down the toilet and i didn't.

The End 

By Tylah Arkell