Friday, 22 September 2017

Calendar Art 2017

Hello welcome to my blog. I'm showing you guys my calendar art for next year 2018 hope you enjoy.

Here's a photo of calendar art

Pic college You may read :) 

My calendar art. Me flying like an superhero I'm going to save the day. The sun is wearing sunglasses happy smile. I were a cape that says TTS means Tylah the superhero. I'm so proud of my art I done a good job on it. There's even a flower, bush and cloud. I knew this would be a good idea to be an superhero. I love the colours. There's blue, green,yellow,white. I hope you enjoy next years calendar.



Friday, 8 September 2017

Writing BP

Hello welcome to my blog today i am showing you guys my How To..... Writing i hope you enjoy

How to make edible slime

Gummy bears
Icing sugar
Corn flower

Step 1: get your gummy bear

Step 2 : Melt Gummy for 20/30s

Step 3: get gummy out of microwave

Step 4: get spoonful of icing sugar

Step 5: put you spoonful of icing sugar
Step 6: spoonful of icing sugar then put in gummy then mix

Step 7: get cornstarch spoon put in gummies
There's edible slime
Photo down below