Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My Holiday Story

Hi Guys and welcome back  to my 3rd Blog post. I hope you did have an awesome holiday too

In the school holidays I went to go and see The Jungle Book. It is a cool movie and it made me laugh.

 When the movie was finished I went out for lunch, we had butter chicken. It was yummy.

 Then I went to Kmart and I saw Mrs Carr which was cool. Me and my mum went shopping, then went home.

 In the first week on Wednesday I went out for lunch and went shopping.

 For lunch I had that  day I had McDonalds with my sister my cousin and my Nana and also my mum. 

I had a big mac, fries and and a fizzy drink. It was yum yum.

 I had an awesome holiday. I love the holiday's.

Please leave a comment if you had an AWESOME  a holiday.

From Tylah 


  1. that is awesome and amazing Tylah A you did a awesome job at your blog well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Jordan That is nice to say from you

  3. You did a great job Tylah and by the way it must have been a awesome holiday for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!