Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Art blog post

Hello and welcome to my blog I am making a blog post about my art I hope you enjoy.

I did My art with Mrs love and she told us what to and how to do and make it really good and I did my best with it. I will show you My photo of my art.

                                      This is my art and it is nice and colorful   


Thanks for Reading and it was my best Art and my Buddy Caitlin helped me with some of it.  

From Tylah Arkell                                                       




  1. Wow Tylah!I like how you described your art and what you liked about it.I also think that it is very beautiful and that you tried your hardest with it.Keep it up!!!

  2. I like your giraffe because it has different colours

  3. hi tylah love your woke it is so cool love riah

  4. hi my BFF i love you and your work DE happy BFF

  5. great work tylah
    it was very fun do the art last year