Thursday, 17 November 2016

Literacy blog post

Hi and welcome to my blog i am going to make a blog post about literacy. I hope you enjoy.

Here is my Writing

My story

In this huge house there is A big pool it is bright inside it has lots of bushes and it is really cool in there. There are three people are Tylah Brooklyn and Mum Tylah is The main character Tylah and Brooklyn are best friends.
On Sunday at the big house Tylah and brooklyn were board Brooklyn said To tylah should we make some cookies She asked Tylah said okay they made some cookies the had a deep smell Mmmmmmm They said and started giggling Tylah had a bit first she said yummy Brooklyn had a bit and said OMG Yum They saved some and did something else.
That night Tylah and brooklyn were in bed Brooklyn was asleep but Tylah wasn't she Kept moving around and it was making Brooklyn mad  
Brooklyn said Tylah Stop moving around it's annoying Tylah Tip toed down stairs like Anyone was not there she went to The kitchen she said to herself what should I have I will have some cookies and milk she got the cookies and cup and the milk Mum comes down stairs and See tylah she goes to the kitchen and says to Tylah What are you doing down here you are so post to be in bed not having cookies She asked Tylah said Mum I am a little bit hungry and I can’t go to sleep so this  would make me happy Mum Said okay Okay You want me to have some with you Tylah said okay Mum gets a glass and gets the milk out of the fridge Mum tries the cookies and says Mmmm yum Did you do this on your own cause it is really good Tylah says No I didn’t do it on my own Brooklyn helped me Mum said Okay well done to you two.
                                                 The End       



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